by Fmeaddons

Holiday Bunny

Bunny Special Occasion


For All Occasions has partnered with 2 amazing women, Donna and Karen, who make these fabulous Holiday Bunnies in commemoration of baby’s first special occasion.

Caution: These keepsake bunnies are made by using hot press letters.  Putting your bunny in the dryer is not recommend.

Please Note: This bunny is super cute and stock is limited, so order early.  Pick your bunny up in person in Newmarket or have it shipped to you (approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery).

Product Description

They grow up so fast!  Celebrate baby’s first holiday with this customized gift of love.

EAR: Baby’s Name (space is limited – name may be scaled to fit)
TUMMY: My First (holiday of choice, ex: Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah) and Year.

Quantity discounts: All orders must be paid in full before processed. If you don’t have Pay-Pal you can call in to our office with your credit card or drop by to pay by Debit.
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