Great Gift Basket Ideas

New Puppy/Kitten Basket: Fill basket with pet toys – a ball, a few squeak toys,- rawhide chews, small training biscuits, natural treats, catnip, collar, leash, name tag, etc.

Breakfast Basket: Fill a basket or a large juice pitcher with gourmet pancakes mixes, 2 or more gourmet coffees, jams, spatula, wooden spoon, mugs, maple syrup, maple candies, and your favourite breakfast recipes.

Get Well Basket : Include a large soup cup, can of chicken noodle soup, crackers, spoon, Chicken Soup for the Soul book, cough drops, aromatherapy bag, tea bags, chap stick, kleenex and magazines.

Lovers Basket: Two glasses , chocolate, massage oils, let your imagination run wild with this basket!

Tea Time Basket: Fill with a variety of teas, cookies and chocolate, a tea cup and saucer and a magazine to enjoy while indulging.

Gardener Basket: For the gardener, fill a butterfly basket with packets of seeds, garden hand tools, gloves and plant markers.

Gift for Teacher: Fill a basket with fun pencils, “reward” toys, erasers, Post-It notepads, Award pads, etc. Decorate the basket with a “school” theme.

Coffee Lover’s Basket: Variety of coffees, free trade coffee can be added additional cost, on a tray with mugs and cookies biscotti . Add a chocolate dipped spoon for flavour.

“Pamper Me” Bath Basket: Fill a basket with some bath salts, lotions, etc. along with luffa, scented candle, and a cardboard note to hang on the door that says “Pampering, Do Not Disturb”. Maybe you want to add a Charmed Aroma Candle – the one with a ring inside!

The Ultimate Chocolate Basket: A huge variety of chocolate bars can be displayed in a basket or a bouquet. Also offered in nut free option.

The Baby Basket: A first baby basket is very different than a regular baby basket. Be sure to let us know if there is a sibling becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. We can include a gift for the sibling as well. Many options for new baby including organic cotton products, all sports teams and personalized bunnies.

The New Dads Basket: ear plugs, nose plugs, gloves for first diaper change, bottle of water, wet wipes and potty book, along with dads favourite snacks.