Baby Showers

Keepsake Baby Plates: A beautiful record of baby’s birthday! Perfect as a stand alone gift or as part of a larger gift basket, celebrate the new arrival by including a hand-painted, personalized baby plate! Available in Blue or Pink… learn more.

Diaper Cakes: A big hit at baby showers, this multi-layered “cake” has the perfect calorie count – Zero! A beautiful, non-edible centre piece that’s piled high with all sorts of new baby essentials that Mommy and Baby will love… learn more.

Custom Designed Gift Baskets: Over flowing with baby essentials, toys, treats… we’ll do our best to fulfill your every wish. But let’s not forget about Mommy! Celebrate her first Mother’s Day with a Pampering Gift Basket that’s just for her.

Baby Gift Basket Checklist:
If there is anything special you would like to include with your gift to Mommy and Baby just let us know. We’ll do our very best to make all your wishes come true!

Baby Sleeps
night lights
baby bedding
mattress covers
waterproof covers

Baby Eats
receiving blankets
nursing pillow
breast pads
burp cloths
baby dishes
baby spoons
nipple brush
bottle brush
baby formula

Baby Diapers
diaper bag
nappy covers
diaper pins
diaper pail
diaper cream
change pads

Baby Baths
infant tub
bath toys
baby shampoo
baby soap
baby powder
baby lotion
wash clothes
sungglie towels
baby brush
nail clippers

Baby Wellness
eye dropper
nasal bulb

Baby Moves
bouncy seat
baby swing
baby walker
baby carrier
knee pads

Baby Clothes
stretchy sleepers
hats and headbands
socks and booties
scratch mittens